Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mmmmm anything but rice...

Lets just say Japan has a facination with rice... they eat it three times a day, something I don't intend on doing. It's pretty difficult to find any food that you would consider truly "Western" or something we could get in New Zealand. For example they have bread here but its twice as thick and tastes like pure sugar. They have cornflakes (about the only cereal you can get here), but there is more sugar in the box than cornflakes themselves. This means whenever we come across any "Western" food it's a real highlight and memories of all the foods I miss come flooding back... like PIZZA! We had heard of a pizza restaurant in Beppu, where I work, that apparently made pretty good pizzas. I had been dying to go there for quite some time and finally my chance came a few nights ago. For some odd reason Japanese people think corn is a standard pizza topping so after working out which ones didn't have corn we were pleased to be presented with a couple of delicious pizzas that I will no doubt have again. They even deliver on scooters with little warming ovens on the back! Mmmmm pizza!