Saturday, October 24, 2009

521 stone Buddhas

This blog entry is a little over due... but better late than never right? Last weekend Jo was kind
enough to offer us her child-free morning so we could go and check out the 521 stone Buddhas that are near to her house.
The details on when exactly they were made and by whom are a little sketchy so I wont even bother to sound like I know but basically in a random field surrounded by houses there are 521 buddhas carved out of stone all literally just sitting there. Every single one of them is different with their own unique facial expressions, positions and size. We had great fun searching through them coming up with stories of what they were each doing/thinking and what kind of day they must have been having. Unfortunately we couldn't find the one Mike (my brother) seems to think is going for a poo... but no need to worry as that is one of Nathan's specialties so he was more than happy to quickly volunteer to pose just like it!


Mike said...

I think that's one of my favourite sites/sights that we've seen in Japan. Especially the way it's kinda just there! In the middle of nothing special, if I recall right.

I don't remember what the pooing one looked like though!

fergies said...

and I can't ever find the one that looks like me either. In the back of a totally insignificant building as I recall. brought back lots of fun memories tho.

Anonymous said...

Put this on our must see and do OK LJW