Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know it's STILL winter when...

You wake up to yet more snow on the hills (the view from our driveway)

You do an entire crossword! (Thanks mum!)

You make microwave brownie (again, thanks mum!)


Last but certainly not least, you know it's STILL winter catch Nathan on camera breaking it down Nate diddy d dog styles!


Jo Tomooka said...

You guys obviously have far too much time on your hands! There is plenty of weeding, babysitting and wonderful company here if it gets too much for you.....

Laura said...

OMG! Sorry, but KIWI ACCENT! Specifically, MEGAN & NATHAN VOICES!

You'd be surprised how excited that made me... and I can really hear the accent on video. Even Liz didn't sound that kiwi on the phone the other day.

I like that your live traffic feed is saying I'm in San Diego. Me like.

Such a dork, Nate-dog.

Love you guys!
Laura xoxo

PS: I don't know what the time difference is, but being away from home makes me miss you guys more. We need to set up an actual phone convo. I've got cheap rates.

Beth said...

Oh Nathan I miss you! You know i was sitting here cackling away whilst listening to your beautiousness in the tonsils!

fergies said...

OMG Idol eat your heart out...rockn'roll will never die while you live-you are alive aren't you...???Dawn

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Nathan, your old St Martins School Choir would be proud of you after all!!!!!!!!! Mum