Thursday, May 13, 2010

They really will eat anything!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit excited about all the Chinese food we were going to eat on our trip. If I had to rank the foods we've missed while living in Japan, Chinese would be somewhere on that list. The guide book certainly talked a lot about how amazing it is and I was more than excited to try out some real 'street food'.

One of the best things about traveling in China was how cheap it was, even in a major city like Beijing most things were ridiculously cheap and coming from Japan (possibly the most expensive place in the world to live/travel) it was a real luxury. Here is a example of what things cost:

600ml Chinese beer or 600ml sprite for 3-5RMB = 40-60 Yen / NZ$1

Ice block for 1RMB = 13 yen / like NZ10c

1RMB bus fare or 2RMB subway anywhere in the city = 13-26 yen / NZ10-20c

And the list just keeps going.....

Onto the food, no one really wants to read about everything we ate (or didn't) are much more fun!

This market had everything and anything you could imagine including hundreds of people (not for sale though)

These dumplings truly were morsels of love

Apparently this is gecko but we think it's rat!

You could pick any raw seafood and have it cooked...or not

These guys were still wriggling on the stick...but yummy! Trust me I know

Seahorse anyone?

How you eat these without taking out an eye is anyone's guess!

You name it, they eat it

Toffee god...normal food!

Baby birds...enough said (look at the eyes, CREEPY!!!)