Friday, July 16, 2010

You've got mail!

I had a nice surprise in the mail this week when out of the blue I received a letter in the mail from the old vice principal at my school who now teaches elsewhere.

To Mr Nathan

You will be leaving soon.
With the mere thought of it, I feel very sad.
Now I am full of a sad feeling.
I really regret losing you.
Good-bye is a sad thing to say, but I must.
What dreams do you have in your heart now? What hopes do you have?
A life filled with hope is strong.
Never forget hope is the greatest weapon in the world.

Finally I will give you the message below.

Nothing is irredeemable in youth. Rather, the worst mistake you can make when young is to give up and not challenge yourself for fear of failure.

There are only two ways to live. One is to end up defeated after complaining and blaming your surroundings. The other is to open the way by yourself with domitable spirit, no matter what circumstances befall you.

I hope you will contribute to the establishment of a humanistic world as a world citizen capable of shoulderly responsibility for the borderless era of the 21st century.

Good luck, and much happiness!!