Sunday, May 23, 2010

The last of the sightseeing....

The Temple of Heaven park was the kind of place where people watchers are in heaven (hehehehe). Picture a very large park covered in trees, concrete paths, open terraces and several temples. Now think of 100's people going about their normal daily lives Chinese style.
Sitting on a park bench we could see groups of people dancing, playing diablo, singing, playing music, Chinese hacky sack, Chinese chess, checkers, tai chi, acrobatics and heaps of other games.

It was a true feast for the eyes and a great insight into how locals relax and unwind. The atmosphere was electric and made you want to stick around all day just people watching! The temple itself was incredible and the whole experience easily outdid the Forbidden city and Tianamen square.

Here's a sample of some of the cool stuff going on

The Summer Palace was also super cool, even on a super hot day. This was the place the emperor used to go to have a 'holiday'. It's actually more of a lake than palace or park as three quarters of it is covered in water. The palace section itself was way better than the Forbidden City and again it just had that atmosphere that adds to an occasion.