Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cellphone pictures

We apologize for infrequent blog entrys but life is in the 'get up, work, sleep' mode right now. With no big adventures to speak of lately and a gap (like a few weeks) of public holidays we haven't been out on to many adventures. But never fear! Japan is 'the land of different' and there is always something to make you smile.
There is no real theme to this blog entry, just a collection of small things stored away in my head.
I tell my self everyday not to stop enjoying the little things and forgetting how wierd this place is. I think it's quite easy to forget the little things as you get use to a new life and what was originally strange, new and different slowly becomes just the way it is. My aim is to prevent this from happening for as long as possible!

It's frickin frezzing! About 1 month ago i was praying for winter, complaining everday it was to hot and that i wished i was in Antarctic. Not now, now i want that back!! (although going to Antarctic would be awesome). As of the first 0f Novemeber someone in Tokyo obviously turned the heater off. Maybe the Toyota or Honda factory has broken down. But god dam it's cold. The best part about it....Japanese schools don't have heating! Awesome. And with swine flu (which i got told off for calling it that) now in full swing we have to have the windows open. Double awesome. Weather lesson time: in winter the arctic winds blown across siberia bringing freezing wind and cold low pressure, it travels across the sea of Japan picking up moisture then hits Japan and spews up, resulting in 15m+ snow levels on skifields (at one time,not over a season!). Thanks siberia! So we have many months of this to come!
I've also just worked out how to get the pictures of my cellphone, so below is a collection of a few of my favorites. Sorry for the small size but you'll be ok.
These are the hills behind our house, i wondered why it was so cold walking to a staff softball game at 7am, i looked around and WHAM! I nearly fell over! It was only the 3rd November.
This is a bowl of Ramen. Originally from China it is now a firm favorite among Japanese and us of course. Somewhere in there are noodles. It's so good! (and yes they are eggs in it)
Going out for tea and trying to read the menu. We have no idea what it says but they don't know that!

Japlish. Endless humour. I think they want us to recyle.

The view out to Beppu bay from my school.

The Incredible Hulk's piss. Very popular.

A giant rice triangle i can buy at school. It's good! Full of chicken, beef and some form of sauce.

Hope you enjoyed!


Gareth said...

It's good to know that us northerners aren't the only ones freezing our asses off at the moment. My school has heaters though! Toasty staffroom/freezing corridors.

Laura said...

They've started selling 'sushi sandwiches' at Sushi Express in Riccarton. Big triangular things that look similar to that.