Friday, November 20, 2009

School lunches!

Before I get started I warn you now that I get the feeling that this is going to be a reoccurring blog entry - because when it comes to school lunches I’m never anything short of amazed (disgusted is probably more accurate) about what I find dished up on my plate!
On the one hand I love school lunches because it means I have one less thing to worry about before I head out the door in the mornings but on the other hand (and this hand is much much bigger) I HATE school lunches with a passion! I realise that my hate of school lunch stems from the fact that the food we are given each day is clearly not the type of food I am used but in my defence I do always try everything on my tray before politely declining to eat anything further and resigning myself to the fact that yet again I will go hungry!

Check this little gem out... he was on my plate at school last week....isn’t he delightful!?

Most days when I get given my tray I seriously have no idea what the heck is in front of me. I can usually spot the rice or the bread (although sometimes they put so much weird stuff in it it becomes barely recognisable) – my favourite is when they put tiny little white fish with big black eyes all through the rice... let’s just say I’ve got pretty good at picking up single grains of rice with my chopsticks!
Whoever led us to believe that Japanese food was really good for us was lying! I’m sure back in the day when it was just miso soup, fish and rice it might have been but if the amount of fried food we are served up is anything to go by then these days a long gone! I absolutely refuse to eat anything that arrives on my plate that fits into the deep fried category given that just touching it with your chopstick causes it to oozes fat! My guess is that combined with the full fat milk that is given each day too (my schools think I have a milk allergy...) this goes some way to explaining why there is an increasing number of overweight kids here!


Jo Tomooka said...

I "enjoy" most of the school lunches now... except those fish. It is enough that all the students are watching you eat without having your food watch you too! Sometimes it is better to not know what you are eating.....

Rachel said...

I love the fish! But I agree about the deep-fried horrors and that milk. I think I would develop an 'allergy' too if I had to eat that.

Rachel (Jo's friend with three daughters who you met at Emily's birthday party)

fergies said...

Shark attack!!!!!!Dawn

Laura said...

Excuse me while I go vomit.