Monday, November 23, 2009


A couple of days ago i finally got my hands on a scooter! After having survived my first few trips to and from school on it i can now safely blog about it. There are a ton of scooters all over the show, most with little old lady owners who speed around the narrow streets on their daily shopping outings etc. i figured it'd be pretty easy to get my hands on one. Unfortunately this was not the case! After a solid 2-3month search I'd almost given up hope and had come to terms with the fact I'd have to put up with the 2.5hr daily commute to and from school. I didn't really have any problems with catching the train and bus, it was more of the annoying waiting in between because some bright spark hadn't though of scheduling them in a user friendly way that i found frustrating. Most of the scooters in the shops sold for anything over 75,000 yen right up to the price of a car!!! My ideal amount was considerably less. Luckily after taking a slight driving detour one day we came across a shop i hadn't seen before (ironically i walked about 100m past it every day for 3 months). A long story short it was a good shop to find!

So wee Mr scoot works hard everyday racing it's way along the busy main road taking me to school. If a big truck goes past we shake a little and the 'speed warning' light flashes at 37km/h (I've been 40! wow) but it's a hell of a lot of fun!!


fergies said...

where do you store your kendo stick?

Dash said...

Lookin' good Nathan! You show those roads who's boss

Anonymous said...

How do you plan to bring that home????!!!!!!! have fun dont get any speeding tickets eh! LJW