Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arctic blast

Sorry for the lack of blogging...a technical glitch on my computer has halted any further use of that machine and without being able to take it to any shops here it has meant a delay in fixing it as i have to contact NZ via email and so on. The joy of the language barrier!

We are currently in the midst of a full on arctic blast, like the rest of Japan, and snow is falling across most of the country. It is suppose to snow here all day Friday and Saturday so we are crossing our fingers and toes we'll have a white xmas!!! It snowed a bit today while we were at school but nothing settled. I've come to the conclusion that Japan is much colder than NZ, even were we are which would be considered a 'warmer' part . Hokkaido (top island) is already regularly -10deg maximum day time temps!!! Scooting to work today the temp gauge said 0deg (at sea level) and as meg has to head in land and upwards she's had 8am! By the time i head home at 4pm its anywhere from 3-6deg. And remember there is no heating in any of the school classes! My teachers told me today that February is the coldest month...yah!

Since we are on the topic of school here is a pic (off the trusty cell phone) of my desk and part of the teachers room. About 45ish teachers in here.

And this is my new best friend. The only heating in the entire school are 2 of these. They run on some sort of kerosene fuel (in black container on stand far left), a pot of water sits on top and steams away all day (apparently it drys your eyes out without it...), and a long chimney goes up and out the side of the building so we don't all die from the exhaust fumes. Even on the lowest setting my back burns. Still i have the best seat in the house ( my chair/desk is the one on the right). Sometimes the students come and stand here but i have taken to sending them's mine!


Rachel said...

You poor things! My two poor kids also go to school in unheated classrooms, but over in Fukuoka-ken where I teach, they have stoves in every room! Yay!