Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food glorious food

A selection of amazing treats we were sent for xmas...YUM!!!

Well this may seem like a bit of a random blog entry but since it is the festive season i guess food is major part of that. Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas, apart from the odd shop playing xmas tunes and a few commercial bits and pieces there is next to no hype, 'happy' feeling, or xmas spirit in the air. After quizzing my students and teachers on how they spend xmas day the main responses were: teachers - working and students - a normal day, maybe hang out with friends or study. So as you can see for a foreigner from a xmas celebrating country might find tings a little dull and uneventful at this time of year. Even our hopes of a white xmas have ben dashed with the recent snow melting away the sun making an appearance today (our washing liked that). S, back to the topic of tonights I feel like showing you a small glimpse of some of the food we make at home. As you'll recall our kitchen is the size of a prison cell and getting anyting done in it requires swiss like precision. We must be swiss as we are very good at it now. Buying/eating anything non japanese around here is near impossible so we try our hardest to make things at home which are westernish. Saying that it's pretty difficult to do so the food cravings come and go! It's nice to get a break from rice and fish flakes sometimes.

Above are two types of dishes we make relatively often. The top one is ramen, basically a style of noodles with veges, meat and in a broth. The bottom one is yaki soba, very similar but without the broth, a little bit more like a stir fry noodle.

Since it's a special time of year we have splashed out and used some of the supplies sent to us to make somethings that are impossible to get here. You can't beat pancakes with caramelised apple and caramel sauce, a cooked breakfast (homemade bread, bacon, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and BAKED BEANS...omg i love them, little morsels of love in every bite). Finally kings soup and bread.

Well that's all folks. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! We are heading south to the islands of Okinawa for sun, sand and snorkelling for our holiday so if there are no blog entries for the next 2 weeks don't fear. We are ok and we will be back!


Mike said...

Oi! Where's the egg on your ramen?!

Rachel said...

ooo if you have baked beans, I'm coming over. Swap you for a turkey sandwich

Gareth said...

I sent the Baked Beans!

Nathan (the blogger) said...

firstly, i love those eggs but only when it's made by a pro. secondly, sorry baked beans are my most prized possesion.Finally, yes you did and i love you for it!