Monday, December 7, 2009

Climbing a mountain

On Sunday, feeling the need to stretch our legs a bit and do some exploring, we joined up with Jo and the kids to climb their local mountain. Here is a collection of a few pics from the day's outing.

The Mountain (our summit on the right)

The gang (at this point still all feeling genki)

The kids blazed the trail

A sacred mountain with 80 odd praying places along the way, lots of these wee chaps to bring a smile to your face (and an excuse for a rest), a common site in Japan.

Go Meg Go! It was said at one point "I'm not sure if its better to know whats coming or not"
Megan can assure you it didn't matter either way - steep!!!!!
The victory dance

A good example of the landscape we live in. Mountains, valleys and rice fields. Jo's house at the bottom.

More of the rugged landscape. No volcanoes here sorry.

The captain admiring the view.


fergies said...

I love that climb even tho I bust my camera on the way up the chain climb with Tom. I hope nathan at least went up the hard way!! The real fun way! Good work people. Like the pics. Funny, I have some taken from identical places.
love dad