Monday, January 4, 2010


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It's hard to believe it's 2010 already! We have just got back from an amazing holiday down in Okinawa (blogs on that to follow) so we are a little late with the Xmas blog! We were lucky enough to be able to spend Xmas Eve and most of Xmas day with my sister and her family... not only did this mean we had the luxury of sitting by a fire but we also got to eat many of the things we would have been having if we had been at home. On Xmas eve we had a pizza and dessert party... we were leaving for Okinawa in the afternoon of Xmas day and so to ensure we didn't miss out on dessert we made an event of it the night before! Christmas Day started off with the kids excitedly opening their presents from Santa and finished with us having eaten way too much food and then having to sit on a train for two hours followed by a plane for another two! Needless to say we were stuffed in more ways than one by the end of the day!