Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kimono photo shoot

This is one of those blog entries that we never quite got around to writing - but seeing as I only had one class today...

A few months back we asked my sister’s mother-in-law (Bachan) if she would be willing to share her amazing kimono collection with us so we could spend the afternoon taking photos to send home as Christmas presents - and of course so Nathan could pretend to be samurai warrior!

The photos speak for themselves but the time and effort that goes into putting a kimono on is not easily captured by camera. Bachan literally spent hours making sure each step of the process was done in the proper way - that each tie was knotted perfectly, that the folds were in the right place and the layers in the right order etc – all the while teasing Nathan about his big belly! (Which to be fair has got a little smaller living off rice).

We had lots of fun and a few giggles along the way but are damn pleased we don’t have to dress like it every day - if not for the time it takes to put it on and take it off then for the sore back you get from being so rigidly tied in!


Jo Tomooka said...

The twins have definately turned into just one baby lately - you need to come for some more fattening up!

Rachel said...

I love the guitar hero photo!