Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I know I'm interupting Megans holiday blogs but we are in the midst of arctic blast number 100! Now were certainly don't get us much snow down here as the fellas us north do but i reckon you can't tell the difference between -2 and -20 anyway so for arguments sake lets call it even. The temperature never got above 0deg today!!

Mr. Scoot with 3-5cm coverage

The one and only class i taught had a thermometer in it and it was only 8deg inside! For some reason female students still wear their tiny miniskirt uniforms....a bit stupid if you ask me! Megan and i often debate appropriate words to use with 'Snow'. My favorite is "it's pissing down", one i use often here. This is not usually accepted as Megan says it's not possible for it to "piss down with snow" but today it actually did.

Looking out over Beppu

It started during the night and hasn't stopped. Scooting to work in it was a bit of a fun, although i drove incredible slow as fear of sliding out took over. At times it was hard to see the road ahead and i was dissapointed to see no other scooter had made a path for me to follow through the snow, actually i didn't see any other sooters today for the first time since getting here.....wonder why?! I did pass a set of broken chains and a traffic jam as long as the eye could see because all of the highways were closed.

The trecherous road

I took some pics on the trust cellphone but snow never looks as could when you can't feel it on the face. These are for all you people enjoying a hot summer!

My school grounds