Monday, February 15, 2010

Run faster!

After a lengthy break you'll all be pleased to see the blue text author is back! Not that Megs hasn't done a stella job of keeping you all posted on the goings on. Round of applause for her. Thank you.

This evening's blog will commence with a pictorial 'look back' at a school event we had last week.

The school marathon.

Yes each poor soul has to run a marathon (actually 15km for the girls and 20km for the boys). To make matters worse the first half of it is up the hill and the second half is right back down. Just when you want to collapse with the pain of a 10km climb you get spun around and fall all the way back to the finish line. They certainly know how to break them down.

Surprisingly all the students did an amazing job and the winning time was a speedy (actually I think he had a rocket on his back) 1hr 19m. Considering it's virtually a half marathon and half of it is uphill that time is very very fast. Trust me.

I think the Japanese are built to run. A little like the Kenyans. Maybe the difference, when comparing Olympic medal tallies, is that one country has lions to make your training more realistic and one has a world leading train system to take you between villages. Just comparing physical appearance most Japanese have the slender figure of a long distance athlete. Maybe they should borrow some training lions.

That aside each student completed the race with great enthusiasm (well most of them) and I certainly enjoyed directing traffic and yelling at them to run faster!

Anticipation at the start line

Sprinting off the start line

The journey begins

Mothers hard at work making soup at the finish line

All smiles at the finish


Anonymous said...

Yes Megan, well done I agree.
Wedding dress interesting too not sure about the colour tho!!
And Nathan, you obviously decided not to join the students this time ??

Gareth said...

Yay random asian kids pulling the peace sign!!!
Why do they always do that?
And why do they kill whales and think its OK?
Oh the questions... the questions!