Saturday, February 13, 2010

TV star...

When i'm not teaching 6 year olds how to say "I like apples" one of the more random aspects of my job is to help present an English TV show for the local cable channel.

"Lets Enjoy English Conversation" is basically a five minute show that airs several times every day with the same episode running for an entire month.

Basically myself, one other ALT, an English teacher and a film crew of two get together once a month for an afternoon of hilarity as we each stumble our way through our lines in front of a camera.

Each episode is on a different topic and filmed in a different location. We are given the script when we arrive and pretty much have 5 minutes to memorize our's fair to say we are the worlds worst when it comes to remembering our lines so what should probably only take about half an hour to film takes all afternoon!

The aim of the show is to help teach conversational English so each episode is basically me and the other ALT having a scripted conversation about something completely random which the English teacher then explains in Japanese.

It's actually quite a bit of fun but boy am I glad we don't have cable... I have never seen an episode and never want to... especially when you have random people in restaurants coming up to you saying "aren't you the girl off TV?"


Mike said...

So when's the DVD coming out?!