Thursday, February 4, 2010

Temple hopping pictures

Hello again,

Feels like ages since I wrote anything on this blog! To be honest there hasn't been too much to report lately! Outrageous Fortune (a NZ TV series for all the international community who read this)has secured all our spare time and taken over our lives, so until we finish it don't expect any dazzling reports about our life! You won't have to wait long though as 3 episodes a night is eating through the series very quickly.

So with nothing interesting to write about here are some pictures we took a week or so ago exploring more of the fantastic temples and shrines the area has to offer. Enjoy!


Beth said...

I love that when you were in NZ you weren't outrageous fans, but now in Japan you are loving it! Wait til you get to the last minute of the finale of the last season - DRAMA! Can't wait for the next season.

Nathan the blogger said...

No I was a huge fan - loved every minute of it!