Sunday, February 28, 2010

That’s a bit cheeky!

Last week on our trip to Space World while we were amongst a crowd of people dressed up in their costumes (read Megs blog below if you’re a bit lost here) we witnessed these two shellas wandering past.

Forgetting other people speak English in this country I said to Megan, in a rather loud voice, ‘do you think these two are dressed up or do they always look like that!?’

Much to my surprise they heard me, needles to say I was given a rather disgusted look. We believed they were from some Eastern European country and travelling with their sugar daddy. Every time they took a step the skirt (or lack of) rose up enough to reveal some cheek.

With Megan posing in a shot I managed to sneak this image!

You may think I crossed the line capturing this but I can assure you every person walking behind them saw the exact same thing without any effort at all! Even the strange people in costume thought it was a bit much!!


fergies said...

mmmm. Not so good eh!! How does she sit down?

fergies said...