Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exploring the Kunisaki Peninsula

On Saturday we ventured out with Dave, a new found friend of ours, to explore the Kunisaki Peninsula. We really had no idea what there was to do or see but soon discovered it’s the kind of area you can drive around for hours totally mesmerized by its natural beauty. After a quick walk along the beach we jumped in the car and headed along quiet country roads (surrounded by nothing but rice paddies, green mountains and fields brimming with sunflowers) that led around the peninsula, stopping off at a number of temples and shrines along the way. Of course like all such places here in Japan there are a million and one steps to be climbed first but with so many beetles, ants and funny looking bugs to look at along the way we were almost able to forget about the sweltering heat. Once at the top there’s no better way to cool down again and catch your breath than standing under the peaceful canopy of the forest taking in the surroundings... each one truly is uniquely serene.When we could ignore our hunger pains no longer we braved it and headed into a local restaurant for a meal complete with hand gesturing and many a laughs. It turned out we were in a ‘cook it yourself’ Okonomiyaki restaurant... hence the laughing that followed as we firstly tried to work out what the heck we were ordering, what it was we had actually ordered when it arrived all raw in a bowl in front of us and then how on earth we were meant to cook it. Having survived that we weren’t so lucky when it came to ordering ice-

cream... let’s just say if your ice-cream arrives and its pitch black in colour... it’s best to avoid it!