Monday, August 31, 2009

Kunisaki Bonfire and Yufuin

We had another action packed weekend after Nathan's softball game which started out by heading back to the Kunisaki Peninsula to see our friend Dave who had spent the morning organising the necessities for a bonfire down on the beach. Unlike New Zealand Japan has no rules when it comes to burning stuff... it's common to see smoke rising all over the landscape where people are burning their garden waste etc. It was somewhat of a novelty for Nathan and I to be sitting around a fire on a beach and not be told to put it out... in fact for the entire evening we were there we didn't see a single person. The boys had great fun working out the best way to get the wire rack positioned over the embers to cook our food while Kelly and I sat back and watched with great hilarity. The highlight of the night was not only the good food but the fact that there was no wind at all which made sitting out listening to the waves for hours on end nothing but relaxing!
The next morning after sleeping on somewhat iffy futons (sorry Dave) we got up nice and early and headed to Yufuin which is just a hop, skip and a jump from where we are. It's a pretty touristy place so there were plenty of people milling about checking out all the craft shops. Yufuin is surrounded by mountains but much to Nathan's disappointment it was pretty cloudy so we didn't ever actually see any of them...guess that means we will just have to go back!
If your sitting around anxiously waiting for an update on Stag... here it is...
Stag is doing well. He is showing progress as a reliable pet and is beginning to respond to me and my constant handling of him. I purchased a stag toy for him... and some yummy food. He likes me a lot. Next pay day I will buy him a bigger home and each day I pray a female stag will find its way onto our doorstep (Megan however does not!!)


make.itso said...

LOL. And are you teaching Stag to talk ?
Do you take him for walks ? We could design and send you a leash for Christmas.
Bonfire on the beach looks awesome guys.
Good to hear you have settled in and can find time for fun.