Saturday, August 8, 2009

First glimpse of Japan... Tokyo

It's hard to believe we left little old NZ just a week ago! It's even harder to concentrate on anything other than how hot it is!
Despite the heat Tokyo was everything we imagined it to be and more! The orientation we had to go to was pretty boring but the few times we got out and about to explore were well worth venturing away from the air-con for!
Highlights would have to have been the view from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower (45th floor), going to Shibuya station which is where the massive crossing is that has over 1 million people cross it a day and catching the very busy train!
We had a great meal out our first n
ight there with the crew from Christchurch and enjoyed our first taste of authentic Japanese food... complete with Nathan joining in with a group of very drunk, very loud and very enthusiastic Japanese men long enough to grab a photo!
Our trip to Tokyo wouldn't have been complete without a night of karaoke.. the whole concept of paying big money to hire a tiny room with a massive screen just to sit around and sing your heart out all night was a little strange to us but no doubt after a year here we will be quite used to it!
We were pleased to get a few boxes ticked of things we wanted to do in Tokyo but not nearly as pleased as we were to finally jump on a plane and head to our new home in Oita!


Jo Tomooka said...

Can't wait to hear your karaoke voices in person... I'm sure Emily and Masaki will join you if you want to practice!