Saturday, August 22, 2009

Japan is full of creepy crawleys! From dragon flies (100's of them everywhere!), spiders of all shapes and sizes, snakes, bats (as seen from our balcony), ants, roaches and beetles. Lets not forget the monkeys, bears, racoondogs and wild boar!

So i was pretty excited to take one as my own and call it my first pet in Japan. His name is 'Stag' and he is a stagbettle. A massive, hard shelled crawler, that i think can fly, with a huge horn like thing for a nose. I found him on our doorstep leaving for work one day, he was trapped on his back and couldn't move, i couldn't let him go and we bonded. Now he is mine and lives with us in his container, eating his yummy jelly. Stag says hi.


Mike said...

Are you going to let him fight with Masaki's beetle?!

Megan and Nathan said...

No... mine is bred for killing... that just wouldn't seem fair!