Sunday, August 16, 2009

One of the things I was most excited about getting was a cellphone. I always had the cheapest, crapest version in NZ so my plan was to go hard out here. After getting to the shop at 6pm the fun started, turns out things aren't as straight forward over here and pre paids don't really exist. After the various different complex plans and the different pricing structures were explained to us, not truly understanding what we had got, we could start the fun of picking a phone! There were about 15 free ones we could choose from, some did this and that but overall it was all about the looks! Oh, and the cameras! Megs phone has 8.2mp!!! That's more than most real cameras. Amazing. We'll never use half the features but that's irrelevant, they look cool and i feel slightly more Japanese with a phone in my hand! Funnily enough the 'English' language option only translates about half of the menus so who knows what i'm doing most of the time!